Paid Social

Leverage the power of data to reach your audience. Facebook has a wealth of data to use for engaging your target market on social media. As organic reach dwindles on social media, social advertising has never been more important.

Full Funnel Acquisition

Facebook Ads can be effective at every level of your sales funnel – from prospecting new customers, remarketing to cart abandoners, and reengaging old customers. How you manipulate the targeting and creative being used at each stage of the funnel is vital. 


To target the right people we need a persona to go after on social media. From demographic data to personal interests, we’ll build a profile of your ideal customer using Facebook’s vast targeting options. 


Crafting an ad creative that will engage your audience is vital. We use the customer personas established to inform what creatives might resonate best. Marrying targeting and creative is the secret sauce to paid social success. 

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